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Silent Continuous Shooting Pro

0.99 usd

- Continuous shooting with no soundYou can take continuous shooting photography with no shutter sound.It continues shooting until it interrupt,so you can never miss a decisive moment.And You can refer shooting photos by Gallery application.- Hidden modeYou can shoot browsing Web site.Even if the next person looks into, it is unclear that I am taking a photograph.* Hidden mode is portrait only.
- High-resolution modeYou can shoot in the maximum preview resolution that your terminal supports by selecting [menu]->[settings].(This mode is supported depends on your terminal.)
- Continuous shooting settingsYou can set saving picture size and number of continuous shooting by selecting [menu]->[settings].
- Effect functionYou can set camera effect by selecting [menu]->[settings].
[Warning]- Since the preview picture is saved as it is, image quality is inferior to usual.
- In order to delete the photoed picture, please delete from a gallery or delete the file on SD card directly. (/sdcard/ContShooting)
- Since it shoot automatically, it will become an immense quantity if it is neglected. So you should backup or delete briskly.
- This application supports portrait only.
[Others]- Although general-purpose application development is kept in mind, a normal performance may not be carried out depending on the terminal in use. So, before purchasing this application, I recommend you to use the free version "Silent Continuous Shooting".
- This application requires an access permit for the following purpose. Hardware controls:using cameraNetwork communication:using browser in hidden modeStorage:saving photo